1. CULTURE TRAPS-everything you wanted to know about Culture, Globalization, Business & Behavior

  2. MONIQUE MORROW, CTO-Evangelist New Frontiers, Development & Engineering at CISCO: a conversation about The Internet of Women (IoW), company culture, diversity & inclusion, and ... a secret Greek island.
    Monique Morrow, Cosmin Gheorghe

  3. VINT CERF, Google Evangelist, Co-creator of the TCP/IP Protocols of the Internet. What does the internet have to do with the Collective Unconscious? A Conversation About Wine, Culture, Technology & Globalization
    Vint Cerf, Cosmin Gheorghe

  4. INNOVATION FOR JOBS (Part 1): Do We Have To Race Against the Machines? How About shifting From A Task-Centered To A People-Centered Economy? Get The Answers From i4J Co-Founder David Nordfors

  5. DAVID NORDFORS, Co-founder of the Innovation For Jobs Ecosystem (Part 2​)​: Is Unemployment A Problem Or An Opportunity? How Much Value Can You Create If You Are happy About Your Job? Get The Answers From Innovation For Jobs Ecosystem Co​-​Founder David Nordfors
    Cosmin Gheorghe, David Nordfors


  7. TRACY SAVILLE, Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of MySwirl.com, A conversation about Sophiia.io and The Swirl Of Artificial Intelligence.
    Cosmin Gheorghe, Tracy Saville,

  8. MEI LIN FUNG, Silicon Valley Connector, Co-Founder People Centered Internet, Former Socio-Technical Lead for the Federal Health Futures Project funded by the US Department of Defense

  9. FILM

    Cosmin Gheorghe

  11. MINDFULNESS FRIDAY - We Can Be Serious, Fun & Funny

  12. WORLD RELOADED: Chatting With VALERIE LANDAU about San Francisco in the '70, Cuba, Douglas Engelbart, Aesthetic Data & Much More

  13. MINDFULNESS MONDAY: Shedding Off Your Layers Of Forgetfulness and Mindlessness


THE CULTURE INFLUENCER™ San Francisco, California

Cosmin Gheorghe is a Bay Area based consultant, coach, speaker and author. He has degree in Psychology and an MD in General Medicine. His work explores the ways in which Culture, Globalization & Technology influence human behavior, social and professional interactions. That includes choices, decisions, & relationships with peers, products & services. Listen-HaveFun & Achieve Your Global Potential! ... more

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